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FirePower Diesel Treatments insures optimum engine protection and performance enhancements to typical 2 grade diesel fuels. Product contains: Cetane products provide either a 5 or 6 cetane number increase to fuel. Benefits combine to improve fuel economy up to 10% MPG. engines. FS Dieselex® Gold is a combination of a high-quality 2 diesel fuel and a proprietary multi-functional chemistry package. It includes a strong dose of cetane improver that allows it to carry a typical cetane number between 46 and 49 2 diesel fuels found in the Midwest typically carry a cetane number between 40 and 44. If diesel engines operate better with higher cetane values, why is most diesel fuel only between 40 and 45? Mark Nyholm: This is a really great question and I believe it comes down to economics from the perspective of the fuel refinery. 05/06/2012 · Price difference between 40 Cetane and 45 or 47 Fuels & Lubricants.. Economy - Longevity -Performance The 1 Source of TDI. diesel grades, gelling and such debated items like that. Non TDI related postings will be moved or removed. This forum is NOT for the discussion of biodiesel and other alternative fuels.

U.S. goes by Cetane Number of 40 whereas EU follows a Cetane Index of 46 plus a Cetane Number of 51. Other countries either specify Cetane Number or Cetane index, some of them specify both. Cetane Number can be improved by adding chemical additives, the Cetane Index cannot be influenced since its a quality of base fuel. 08/01/2004 · Diesel fuel w Cetane of 50 Diesel Fuel Lubrication Engine Additives Diesel Fuel Lubrication Engine Additives Being new to diesel engines and the manual on my 2210 stating cetane number of 40, 50 preferred. I went looking around and ca. 24/12/2019 · Diesel fuel is more efficient than gasoline because it contains 10% more energy per gallon than gasoline. But there are a few kinds of diesel fuel: Just as gasoline is rated by its octane, diesel fuel is rated by its cetane, which indicates how easy it is to ignite and how fast it burns. Diesel []. 11/04/2017 · “Cetane Number.” It’s a rating in the diesel world that perks up our ears. We know it’s an important variable in the fuel that powers our rigs. But for most of us who drive diesel vehicles, the role cetane plays in their overall performance is as much of a mystery as the actual cetane number.

The cetane rating of a diesel indicates how big the ‘bang’ is; a higher number could give you an extra bump in performance. It’s kind of easy to get fooled into thinking the ‘premium’ connotation in the more expensive diesels means they will give you more performance, but that isn’t really the case. 23/10/2015 · As you may know, I travel across the country right now. And I always fuel up only on big stations and not on dirty small ponds. But I always feel that my truck doesn't always behave the same back on the road, so I did a small search and fund this, that explains for me pretty well why my truck sometimes feels weak and even weaker. Diesel engines operate best on fuel with cetane values of 50 or higher. Most diesel fuel sold in North America has a cetane value of 40-45. Diesel Cetane Boost delivers confidence in your diesel’s performance. Its concentrated formula uses unique chemistry to target and eliminate specific performance issues, maximizing diesel power.

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